As an artist who enjoys storytelling of both the "slice of life" and fantasy variety, Zoe creates comics that portray centres their larger than life characters and sense of humour. Another feature of their work is the hand-drawn typography and traditional applications.

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Butch Bait (2024)

When Francine finds herself crushing on the hottest butch in town, she goes to extreme lengths to get her attention.
This 60-page comic features an original slap-stick romantic comedy.

I Just Can't Help Myself (2024)

4-page zine exploring the annoying traits of Zoot's new cat, Biscotti.

Gilbert (2024)

Gilbert the dog goes on a life-changing walk.

Galactic Gals: Roadhead (2023)

Cherie and Nanette take a new road to spicing up their sex life.
Four page excerpt.


Inspired by the colourful cartoon graphics of the 80’s and 90’s, Zoe creates artwork that has a nostalgic feel with a unique twist.


Zoe has independently managed their online shop since 2017.


For AnimeNorth 2024 application.


Zoe is a Canadian comic artist and illustrator based in Hamilton, Ontario currently completing their fourth year in the Honours Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College.They specialize in graphic line-work, stylized posters and hand-lettering. They enjoy decorative storytelling and put their sense of humor at the forefront of their artwork through their comics and goofy characters. While their favourite medium is ink and watercolour, they also indulge in digital, acrylic and marker.


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